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Millions hit by data hack still don’t know they’re victims


The U.S. government has not yet notified any of the 21.5 million federal employees and contractors whose security clearance data was hacked more than three months ago.

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Canadian pleads not guilty at 4th trial to killing 2 in 1988.


Anthony Barnaby pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to the 1988 deaths of Brenda Warner and Charlene Ranstrom.

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Study: Millennials’ credit scores are in the gutter


Millennials get plenty of recognition for frugality and their desire to share everything from cars to clothes, but they also have the lowest average credit score of any generation.

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Nearly a quarter of Americans call their jobs ‘meaningless’


A new poll shows 24 percent of Americans say their jobs do not make a meaningful contribution to the world.

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Clerk in gay marriage fight once unlikely to wage moral war


At 44-years-old, Kim Davis has been divorced three times and had two children out of wedlock.