Program Schedule


5:00a-6:00a: The WKBK Eyeopener with Paul Scheuring – If you want to get up to date in a hurry, there’s no better way to start your morning than The Eye-opener. In just an hour, you’ll get world and national news from CBS, local and state news, the latest WKBK Weather Watch forecast, the WKBK Market Watch, local and national sports, and one of your favorite features, “The Old Farmers Almanac.” Get the information you need to get through the day each weekday morning

6:00a-10:00a: The Dan Mitchell Morning show & Open Mic with Dan Mitchell – Host Dan Mitchell offers listeners the information they need and conversations on all the happenings of the day. Along with News Director Paul Scheuring, CBS news, staff meteorologist Pat Pagano, and Charles Osgood, this fast-paced program is how Keene residents get to work informed and entertained. 9am-10am features Keene’s long-running local call-in talk program featuring locally born and raised Dan Mitchell. All topics are discussed, all issues are investigated!

10:00a-12:00n: Glenn Beck  – The Glenn Beck Program is the third highest-ranked national radio talk show among adults ages 25 to 54, according to Premiere Research/Arbitron. Conservative Magazine’s “Top 25 Talk Radio Host” list selected Beck as the seventh most influential host in the nation. .

12:00n-3:00p: Rush Limbaugh –  At noon, it’s the most popular talk host in America. For over 20 years, Rush has entertained listeners while proving all the while that he’s “right.” Is Rush “right” for you? Tune in and find out!

3:00-6:00 p: WKBK Afternoon News with Tom Novak.  Stay up to date during your ride home with Tom’s updates twice an hour.

3:00p – 6:00p: Howie Carr – Carr, a native of Portland, Maine is a graduate of Deerfield Academy and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he was a member of Phi Beta Kappa.  A fun and informative way to drive home from work.  When he turns the microphone off, he is an award-winning front-page columnist for the Boston Herald. Known for his scathing exposes of local politicians, he has raised lots of eyebrows and voices over the years. He’s famous for pushing the envelope and not regretting that he went too far. His opinion is valued by the TV stations he’s regularly featured on: NBC Today; MSNBC; C-SPAN; Court TV; Geraldo; CNN; Larry King Live; The Fox News Network; CBS This Morning. New England tunes in to Howie Carr. Carr lives in Wellesley. He is married and has five daughters.

6:00p-9:00p: The Schnitt Show  with Todd Schnitt.  Schnitt describes himself as a “fiercely independent conservative with libertarian influence.” The show consists of news, political commentary, lifestyle and pop-culture with sound bites and parody material.

9:00pm-11:00pm: Clark Howard – Everybody has felt ripped off at one time or another. Clark Howard’s mission is to help consumers battle back against corporate giants. Listen to Clark for an hour and we guarantee at least one call will make you say, “Yeah! That happened to me once!” It’s a caller-driven show that will educate and entertain.

11:00 pm to 1:00 am: John Batchelor Show. This show is for the thoughtful Listener who wants to understand the major players in the great ideological battle of the new millennium.

1:00a-5:00a: Coast to Coast with George Noory – It’s late at night. You can’t sleep. Your mind is working over time and you just need something to help you relax. Coast to Coast is the show for you. While most of the world is sleeping, George Noory is studying all things paranormal, mythical, and down-right strange. So lay back, relax, and enjoy the ride!


5:00a-9:00a: Al Kulas – Morning News & Talk. Al will talk to you about anything and everything. Good conversation combined with WKBK local news twice an hour, CBS World News, Paul Harvey, and local and national sports

9:00a-12:00 pm: Sound-Off with Chris Coats & Greg Pregent – Your new state and local talk radio program (taking over for the retiring Cynthia Georgina’s Talk Back Show). Highlights include interviews with a wide spectrum of guests dealing with state and local issues, interesting stories not local, community calendar, details of pending and current construction in the area, history lessons and more!

12:05n-12:30p: The Week in Review

12:30n-1:00p: InfoTrak

1:00p-3:00p: The Handyman Show – The Handyman Show with Glenn Haege is the most popular home improvement show in America! Glenn provides the listener with clear, concise “how-to” advice on everything from basement leaks, appliance quick-fixes to laying down new carpet!

3:00p – 6:00p: Handel On The Law.  Bill Handel, a lawyer, answers callers legal questions in a straight forward, easy to understand way.

6:05p-6:30p: The Week in Review From CBS.

6:30p-7:00p: InfoTrak

7:00p-10:00p: Free Talk Live Whats on your mind? Unlike those right-wing or left-liberal extremist shows, Free Talk Live is talk radio that ANYONE can take control of. Yes, even you. Free Talk Live is the next generation of issues oriented talk. What is the meaning of freedom? This show is about Liberty with a capital L.

10:00p-5:00a: George Noory George Noory is studying all things paranormal, mythical, and down-right strange overnight on the weekends too.


 5:00a-8:00a: Sunday Morning Live w/ Al Kulas - Local and national news, sports, the days weather, and of course a dialogue with listeners on any current topic. News, information and good conversation on a Sunday morning.

8:00a-10:00a: Paul Parent’s Garden Club. Paul lives in Maine.  He is very familiar with New Englands growing zone and will answer all your gardening questions. 

10:00a-11:00a – ChurchA live broadcast of the Sunday service from The United Church of Christ in Keene, located at 23 Central Square.

11:05-12:00: CBS News Roundup.  Dan Raviv host a look back at the top stories from the week.

12:00pm-1:00pm: NBC’s Meet the Press – David Gregory is the moderator of “Meet the Press.”, interviews and newsmakers from around the world.

1:00pm-2:00pm: The Motley Fool Money Show – Hosted by Chris Hill, Its companion podcast is consistently ranked as one of the top business & investing shows on iTunes. The show features features a team of Motley Fool analysts discussing the week’s top business and investing stories.

2:00pm-5:00pm: Leo Laporte.  The Tech Guy.  From computers, the internet, ipods, cell phones, digital cameras, gaming and home theatres, Leo provides entertaining tech talk and advise.

5:00-6:00pm: CBS News Weekend Roundup.  Dan Raviv host a look back at the top stories from the week.

6:00p-7:00p: NBC’s Meet the Press  David Gregory is the moderator of “Meet the Press.”, interviews and newsmakers from around the world.

7:00p-8:00p: Lou Dumont’s Collectable Classics Lou plays your favorite songs from the 20s, 30s, and 40s.  Big band and swing, ballads and classics.

8:00p-10:00p: Larry Kudlow.   Larry Kudlow’s insightful opinions on money, politics and the economy are rooted in his understanding of the way Wall Street, Main Street and Washington operate.

10:00p-5:00a: George Noory  George Noory is studying all things paranormal, mythical, and down-right strange overnight on the weekends too.

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A look at the big stories that made news this week and the headlines you may have missed.

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Americans are really angry with Washington


Americans are angry with the handling of issues ranging from healthcare reform to the rise of Islamic State militants.

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Vermont’s Senators vote against Obama on rebel aid.


Both Sen. Bernard Sanders & Sen. Patrick Leahy voted against a bill that allows the U.S. military to train and equip Syrian rebels for a war against Islamic State militants.

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TODAY’S MUST SEE: ‘The Voice’ vs. Jimmy Fallon


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Scots spurn independence in historic vote but demand new powers


Scotland spurned independence in a historic referendum that threatened to rip the United Kingdom apart.