What’s Cooking with Luca Paris.
What’s Cooking with Luca Paris.

Thursday 9.26.13

Good Morning Podcasts


The “New” County Nursing Home.

The chairman of the Maplewood Nursing Home Task Force, John Hoffman, answers questions about their recommendation to build a new facility in Keene.


Health Matters. Travel Clinic

Dan’s guest is Christine Kruse, RN, her title is Travel Clinic Clinician and she manages the CMC/DHK Travel Clinic.


Arnie Arnesen

Arnie talks about the upcoming N.H. primary and the future of N.H. economically.


Rep. John Hunt

Rep. John Hunt of Rindge, talks to Dan about tomorrow’s Cheshire County Delegation Executive Committee meeting and their agenda which includes the Task Force report on Maplewood Nursing Home.


The Pam Smart Trial.

Jeremiah Zagar, director and Richard Sherwin, Lawyer, talk to Dan about the HBO documentary “Captivated, The Trials of Pamela Smart.