What’s Cooking with Luca.
What’s Cooking with Luca.

Thursday 9.12.13

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Links Fitness and Indoor Golf Simulators

Julie McNamee and Jim Cragg introduce listeners to their new business that offers a 24 hour gym and indoor golf simulators.


Robin Christopherson, Executive Director of MCVP

Robin Christopherson, Executive Director of MCVP, explains what they do and how donations to the monadnock United Way helps them.


Former CIA Agent, Jack Rice.

Former CIA Agent, Jack Rice, talks about the recently released senate report on torture on Open Mic with Dan Mitchell.


Local author, Allison Barrows

Local author, Allison Barrows introduces her new children’s book “Maynard May Not”.


Beyond Maplewood Coalition.

John Hoffman from the “Beyond Maplewood Coalition”, County Commissioner Tim Rogers and Commissioner elect, Chuck Weed update the listeners on a Proposed “New” County Nursing Home.