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What's Cooking


What’s Cooking with Luca Paris.

Luca’s guest is Dr. Michael Fenster, author of ” Cooking from the Heart”.


What’s Cooking with Luca Paris.

Chef Luca’s guest is Andrew Wilder author of the food blog EatingRules.com We talk about the October Unprocessed food challenge.

slow cook

What’s Cooking with Luca Paris.

Luca’s featured guest is Cynthia Graubart, Author of the “Slow Cooking For Two” cookbook.


What’s Cooking with Luca

Chef Luca’s guest is Laura Theodore. Laura’s new book is “Jazzy Vegetarian Classics”

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What’s Cooking with Luca.

The Elm City Brew Pub will be celebrating Octoberfest on September 28th. The head Chef and Brewmaster join Dan and Luca to talk beer and great food.


What’s Cooking With Luca.

Zucchini recipes, Acorn Squash Risotto with Tart Cherries and Jek Chicken Kabobs.


What’s Cooking With Luca.

Cook Book author, Leah Schapira, tells us about her latest book, “Starters and Sides”. In the second segment, Luca’s daughter Bella shares some of her favorite recipes.


What’s Cooking With Luca

Luca’s special guest is Hillary Davis, a travel and food blogger from Peterborough. Her Cook book is titled “Cuisine Nicoise”. Learn more at http://hillarydavistravels.typepad.com/


What’s Cooking with Luca Paris

Luca’s featured guest is Amy Riolo. The author of “Nile Style” Egyptian cuisine and culture.

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What’s Cooking With Luca Paris

Backed stuffed peaches and a great custard to pour over your fresh fruit.

Good Morning Podcasts


Ask The Trainer.

Denise Mazzola, professional animal trainer, answers listener questions about their pets. Denise explains some methods for house training your puppy or older dogs.

scott brown

U.S. Senator Scott Brown

Former U.S. Senator Scott Brown talks to Dan about the Ukraine, our Southern Border issues and the Northern Pass Project.


Arnie Arnesen

Arnie talks about the “Market Basket” story and the refugees coming across our southern border.


Congressman Charlie Bass

Congressman Bass talks about U.S. foreign policy, the Southern Border Issue and he endorses Senator Scott Brown.


Arnie Arnesen

Arnie talks abut Andrew Hemingway’s tax plan and the differences between rich and poor in America.