Podcasts: Al Kulas

Al Kulas


Senator Bob Smith.

Al Kulas interviews former U.S. Senator, Bob Smith.


Dr. Keith Quincy , “It’s Worse Than You Think”. part 2.

Dr. Keith Quincy talks to Al Kulas about his book about the economy, “It’s Worse Than You Think”. part one


Dr. Keith Quincy; “Worse Than You Think”. Part one.

Dr. Keith Quincy talks to Al Kulas about his book about the economy, “It’s Worse Than You Think”. part one


Eric Orff. The Moose Crisis in N.H.

Eric Orff discusses the plight of the N,H. Moose Population


U.S. Senate Candidate, Karen Testerman.

Al Kulas interviews Republican U.S. Senate candidate, Karen Testerman


Mike Morrison

Mike Morrison speaking on Trapping .


Sophie Chapman

Sophie Chapman, Director of Ladies Pistol, at the Cheshire County Fish and Game Club.


Associate Professor Anthony Kulas

Al Kulas interviews Professor Kulas about knee injuries.


UN Agenda 21

Hal Shurtleff talks about speaking in Keene about UN Agenda 21


Red Cross Operation Appreciation

Stephanie Couturier & Albert Spillman

Good Morning Podcasts

APTOPIX Ferguson

Rich Kelsey Assistant Dean at George Mason University School of Law.

Rich Kelsey, Assistant Dean at George M.ason University School of Law speaks about Grand Juries and “Rule of Law” relative to the Ferguson MO riots and the Michael Brown case.


Former Cheshire County Attorney, Peter Heed.

Former Cheshire County Attorney, Peter Heed, explains how Grand Jurys work in the wake of the Ferguson, MO riots.


Denise Mazzola, “Ask The Trainer”.

Professional Dog Trainer, Denise Mazzola lends great advise on picking out puppies and shares 5 tips for your pets during the holidays.


Arnie Arnesen on Open Mic with Dan Mitchell

Arnie joined Dan on Open Mic Wednesday morning to discuss the upcoming legislature and the new speaker of the house.


Health Matters; Ann Nolan Infection Preventionist.

Ann Nolan, Infection Preventionist at Cheshire Medical Center/ Dartmouth Hitchcock-Keene talks about flu and pneumonia vaccines and more.