Keene Drivers Feel The Pain At The Pump.

Photo: WKBK/Tom Novak

Keene Drivers Feel The Pain At The Pump.

Keene, NH- National experts warned a week ago prices at the pump would take off, now that warning has become a reality, especially in Keene.

In less than a week, several stations across the city raised the price of self-serve regular gas by as much as 23 cents a gallon from $3.44.9 to $ 3.67.9; which translates  into more than $4.00 a gallon for self-served premium at, at least two local gas stations.

Officials say the hike in prices at the pump is due to tensions in the Middle East combined with recent reports that drivers are cutting back on their summer travel plans.

The recent price hike has been also  felt at what is typically the city’s lowest priced station on lower Main Street where drivers still felt the pain at the pump as prices have jumped a nickel to $3.46.9 a gallon.