Good Morning with Dan Mitchell

Wayne Woolridge and Chris Coates talk about education.
Wayne Woolridge and Chris Coates talk about education.

Tuesday 9.10.13

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Comedian Bob Marley

Comedian, Bob Marley, checks in from his camp on the lake. Bob battles a tick and comments on Market Basket. “Wicked Funny”!!


Carrie Severino

Carrie Severino, Chief Council and Policy Director for the Judicial Crisis Network, discusses Governor Chris Christie and his history of nominating liberal judges.


Ask The Trainer.

Denise Mazzola, professional animal trainer, answers listener questions about their pets. Denise explains some methods for house training your puppy or older dogs.

scott brown

U.S. Senator Scott Brown

Former U.S. Senator Scott Brown talks to Dan about the Ukraine, our Southern Border issues and the Northern Pass Project.


Arnie Arnesen

Arnie talks about the “Market Basket” story and the refugees coming across our southern border.