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Senator Jeanne Shaheen.
Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

Friday 4.18.14

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Lance LoRusso. “When Cops Kill”.

Lance LoRusso, attorney, a former law enforcement officer and author of “When Cops Kill”.


Dr. Marilyn Singleton

Dr. Singleton talks about the need for more primary care Doctors in America and the progressive devaluation of the profession.


Andy Bohannon Director of the Keene Parks and Rec. Department.

Andy Bohannon Director of the Keene Parks and Rec. Department outlines the proposed changes to Wheelock park.


Republican Gubernatorial Candidate, Walt Havenstein.

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate, Walt Havenstein answers questions about job creation, the death penalty, expanded gambling,property taxes and more.


Arnie Arnesen

Arnie talks about the N.H. primary just past and the need to teach civics to our children.