Good Morning with Dan Mitchell

Mayor Kendall Lane
Mayor Kendall Lane

Monday 3.3.14

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Allen Fore, V.P. of Public Affairs for Kinder Morgan.

Allen Fore, V.P. of Public Affairs for Kinder Morgan answers questions about the proposed “Northeast Direct Pipeline” that could travel through portions of Southern New Hampshire


Arnie Arnesen

Arnie talks about alternative energy and the enviroment during her weekly visit.

celestes book

Celeste Longacre

Local Astrologer and Garden Blogger, Celeste Longacre talks to Dan about her new book, “Celeste’s Garden Delights”. It’s available locally.

ann huot

KSC President Anne Huot

KSC President Anne Huot joins Dan Mitchell to answer questions about the payment for the October Riots, the punishments for students that were involved, the impact on the college and more.


Officer Jen Ramey

Keen Police Officer Jen Ramey is Running for a cause.