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Luca Paris Lost Music Video
Luca Paris Lost Music Video

Luca’s Lost 80’s Video  CLICK HERE

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Denise Mazzola, Ask The Trainer.

Professional Dog Trainer, Denise Mazzola, gives great advise about training our pets.


Arnie Arnesen

Arnie talks about ISIS, terrorism and the possible presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.


Jay Fitter. Choose Discipline over punishment.

Author and family therapist, Jay Fitter discusses the reasons to choose discipline rather than punishment when raising a child.


Eric Eichenwald. Newsweek magazine

The Plan to Nuke the Moon and Other Cold War Plots Revealed in Secret Documents.” Eric Eichenwald has written the recent cover piece for Newsweek.


Arnie Arnesen

Arnie talks about Scotland, teaching civics in school and America’s fight against ISIS