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Jack Wozmak, N.H. Drug Czar

Jack Wozmak, N.H. Drug Czar discusses the 22 recommendations to help battle drug abuse.


Arnie Arnesen

Arnie talks about the disappearing middle class in N.H.


Ivy Van. Developing “Loveable” places.

Ivy Van joins Dan Mitchell to talk about the upcoming “Raising N.H.” conference and building “Loveable” places to live.


Lawrence McQuillan, “California Dreaming”

Lawrence McQuillan, author of “California Dreaming, Lessons on How To Resolve America’s Public Pension Crisis”.

JIM duffy_2006

Keene City Councilor James Duffy.

Councilor Duffy explains the task given to the committee to “Plan The Hiring of a New City Manager”.


Arnie Arnesen

Arnie talks about the value of living in a “downtown” setting in N.H. plus Donald Trump and immigration during her weekly visit.


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.


N.H. Humorist, Fred Marple.

N.H. Humorist, Fred Marple.


Arnie Arnesen

Arnie talks about the Confederate flag and the Presidential campaigns during her weekly visit.

celestes book

Celeste Longacre, Gardening and Astrology

Celeste Longacre, Gardening and Astrology. We talk gardening and do some astrological readings for listeners.

Recent Headlines

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IOC expects U.S. 2024 bid despite Boston pullout


The deadline for applicant city submissions for the 2024 Games is Sept. 15 with Hamburg, Paris, Rome and Budapest already having entered the race.

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Boy Scouts lift ban on gay leaders, employees


The policy, which takes effect immediately, comes three years after the organization removed its prohibition on gay youth, but local Boy Scout units chartered by religious organizations will still be permitted to exclude gay adults.

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Obama says yet to hear good argument against Iran nuclear deal


The President criticized rhetoric about the agreement from some leading members of the Republican party.

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Human trafficking report blacklists Thailand, raises awareness about modern day slavery


The State Department's annual report highlights the world's worst human-trafficking centers.