Good Morning with Dan Mitchell: Podcasts



” A Conversation About Heroin ” part 4

A follow up to our 90 minute program about heroin use in Cheshire County. Superintendent of the County jail, Rick Van Wickler and social worker Doug Iosue take listener questions and Out line how the heroin problem could be managed better.


Denise Mazzola, “Ask the Trainer”.

Professional dog trainer, Denise Mazzola, teaches us how to train our dogs to come, touch and “Leave It”.


“A Conversation About Heroin” Part 2

Part 2 of “A Conversation About Heroin”. Recorded at the Cheshire County House of Corrections. Twent year old Kurtis, from Keene, shares his story of heroin use, abuse, and crime


“A Conversation About Heroin”. Part 1.

“A Conversation About Heroin” Part 1. This program was recorded at the Cheshire House of corrections. Our guest include Superintendent Rick Van Wickler, Social Worker Doug Iosue and two heroin addicts that are inmates at the County Jail. Part 1 reviews a recent survey of drug users at the C.C. D.O.C.


“A Conversation About Heroin” Part 3

Part 3 of “Our Conversation About Heroin”. Recorded at the Cheshire County House Of Corrections. Twenty Six year old Shana, from Swanzey, shares her story of heroin abuse.


The “New” County Nursing Home.

The chairman of the Maplewood Nursing Home Task Force, John Hoffman, answers questions about their recommendation to build a new facility in Keene.


Health Matters. Travel Clinic

Dan’s guest is Christine Kruse, RN, her title is Travel Clinic Clinician and she manages the CMC/DHK Travel Clinic.


Arnie Arnesen

Arnie talks about the upcoming N.H. primary and the future of N.H. economically.


Rep. John Hunt

Rep. John Hunt of Rindge, talks to Dan about tomorrow’s Cheshire County Delegation Executive Committee meeting and their agenda which includes the Task Force report on Maplewood Nursing Home.


The Pam Smart Trial.

Jeremiah Zagar, director and Richard Sherwin, Lawyer, talk to Dan about the HBO documentary “Captivated, The Trials of Pamela Smart.

Recent Headlines

in National

Obama woos vets with health care, home loans


The President sought to make amends with veterans, announcing expanded mental health care and lower home loan costs for military families.

in National

U.S. names Conn. official to lead Obamacare marketplace


The Obama administration named a leader to oversee private health insurance offered to consumers in 36 states.

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U.S. consumer confidence hits near 7-year high


U.S. consumer confidence rose in August to its highest level since October 2007.

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Spy flights over Syria begin


The surveillance flights could pave the way for airstrikes against ISIS militants in Syria.

in Local

Former FBI director Freeh injured in car crash.


Former FBI director Louis Freeh is recovering in a New Hampshire hospital following a single car-crash in Vermont.